Get Andrew's CRITICAL analysis on YOUR STATE laws and be 
CONFIDENT in your Self-Defense
Get The  Indispensable Legal Knowledge That You MUST KNOW about YOUR STATE When Defending Yourself.
In ~2 Hours You Will Learn:
  •  How your state’s laws are different from the rest of the country.
  •  What those differences REALLY mean.
  •  What you should do in your state to make sure you stay free that wouldn’t work elsewhere.
  •  Illustrated with YOUR state’s statutes, court decisions, and jury instructions.
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The Law of Self Defense State Specific Supplement is designed to provide a state-specific understanding of US use-of-force law.  It is designed for students with a prerequisite understanding of Andrew's LEVEL 1 Core class materials.  At minimum students should at least have read his book, "The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition" to understand Andrew's core material prior to watching the supplement.

Massad Ayoob, 

Director, Lethal Force Institute
"You are wise to buy this material. I hope you watch it, internalize it, and keep it to the forefront whenever you even think of reaching for a gun."

John Lott

President, Crime Prevention Research Center
"Andrew Branca is a lawyer who has a knack of explaining the law so that it is readily accessible to everyone. Having a gun when the police aren’t there to protect you can keep you alive, but understanding his materials can keep you out of jail to continue enjoying that life.”

Rory Miller, Author

Author, Meditations on Violence
"Andrew Branca’s self-defense analysis is the best treatment of the subject I’ve seen. The counselor doesn’t shy away from the complexities of the subject— including the nuanced differences in the law in all fifty states. Yet he has somehow made it accessible, clear and understandable... Almost fun. This information is invaluable for anyone who teaches or studies self-defense."
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