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You're Just One Bullet Away...
Your life, your Marriage... Your family.  Protect them...
from losing you to a long jail sentence.
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Each class is limited to 20 students!
“We’ve Got Your 6 at our
Join Andrew Branca as he teaches his amazing "5-Principles of Legal Safety" at our LEVEL 1 LIVE ONLINE Class! 
What’s In Store For You At
Andrew's LIVE ONLINE Class?
From: Andrew Branca
Castle Rock, CO

Dear Lawful Defender,

This live online event is designed to help you effectively and Legally Defend Yourself and Your Loved Ones using a 5-Principles approach. 

I want to share with you the transformative insight we'll create together that will be molded around your specific life circumstances and needs.

There is one unifying goal that ALL of our students have:  
To Make Your Defensive Strategy
"Legally Bulletproof"
Learning Block 1:
What To Expect 
For many of you, that goal includes: 
  •  Knowing Your State's Rules
  •   Identifying Places Your Current Strategies Leave You Vulnerable to Jail
  • Changing Your Strategies To Protect You Legally Without Hurting Your Tactical Mobility
You can absolutely do these things if you can understand just 2 key skills...

I call it...
The “What” And The “How”
WHAT Is The Rules? And, HOW Do I Follow The Rules?
That's It.
The path to Legal Safety is made by answering and implementing these 2 questions.  

Let me tell you, as soon as you figure out the “What” and the “How”, you'll be secure and confident as you meet any menace head-on.
Learning Block 2:
5 Principles 
Many of you have already thought about this. 

I see a lot of people invest time, energy, and resources, and then get stuck…

I had this same problem trying to figure out exactly how the system applied to us Good Guys.

Why does it have to be so complicated??

As a lawyer it was hard to just get access to the Statutes, Case Law & Jury Instructions for EVERY state, let alone break it down to actionable principles, tweaked for each state's unique rules.

Have you ever tried searching for lawyers that specialize in Self-Defense law?  

You won’t find very many, because there are VERY few who have actually done the work, and of the few that have done it, even fewer ever actually teach it.  But I did.  

And here's what I learned:
There Are Only 5 Principles
Just like there are only 4 rules of Gun Safety, there are only 5 principles that keep us safe from prosecution.

I'll show you how to easily use these 5 Principles to make your case "bulletproof."
Learning Block 3:
Others & Property
Kids make everything more complicated.  Defending them is no exception.  And the laws on this topic vary greatly from state to state.  What you may be doing could be legal in California but not in New Jersey.

You don't want to worry about the law so much you leave your kids vulnerable.  That's why your wife, parents and kids depend so very much on just two words:
If you don't already know what to do when a guy is threatening your family, you waited too long to learn.  

Don't get me wrong, do whatever it takes to keep your family safe.  But where does that leave them if you are then sentenced to life in prison?  We'll teach you how to avoid prison and keep your family safe.

Learning Block 4:
After the Attack
Advice on what to do after a defensive encounter is almost always wrong.  Here's my favorites:
  •  Say nothing except "I want my lawyer."                            
  •  Call your lawyer with your one phone call.                         
  •  Don't ask for medical help unless you really need it.  They'll think you're a liar.                  
Logical Error
  • "911 what's your emergency?"   "I want my lawyer."
  •  "I'm sorry, Mr. Branca is in court.  He'll be available in 6 hours."
  • "With all the adrenaline in my system I didn't know I was shot until you asked about the blood."
The best legal defense doesn't start and end with your lawyer.  It starts with you before, during and AFTER the fight.  I make sure you get EVERY step right.

Learning Block 5:
Your Personalized Strategy
You don't want to spend all your time working to stay legal and miss winning the fight.  Six feet under is not better than behind bars.

And if you’re using legal strategies that require a lot of your time and mental energy to implement, your tactics may suffer.      

So I bet you're asking “How can I know what to do in every situation, without hesitation?”  

Here's How: 
Make The Right Tactical Plan
I didn't just spend time learning the law.  I spent time learning how to dissect it to its core to give you a plan-of-action for ANY circumstance you may find yourself in that is both legally and tactically sound.

So you'll already know what to do.  Now just do it.  That's how you
Each class is limited to 20 students!
You're Just One Bullet Away...
So, I'd like to end this letter where we started...

You're just ONE bullet away...

Shooting just one bullet incorrectly could destroy:

   Your Freedom
   Your Family
   Your Reputation
   Your Savings

I don't want this for you.  You need to protect yourself from crushing losses that our courts can impose on you.  Life is nowhere near as valuable behind bars.  

I don't know your personal life circumstances...

But I DO KNOW the tools that will keep you legally safe.  

If you're ready to commit and go all in... then I am here, ready to give you the legal protection you need. 

But, NOW is the time.  

LOSD currently has almost 24,000 customers but...
We ONLY Have 20 Tickets 
So, even if only 5% of our customers are interested in a class, that's 1,200 people.  That's 40 TIMES more than we have seats for in any given class.

Tickets will sell out, again... 

So, if you know that you've been called to be there... 

If you KNOW that you're ready to safeguard your life and family ...

Then get your tickets now. They may not be here tomorrow. 

Each class is limited to 20 students!
Thanks again, and we're SO excited to see you at the event!
Andrew Branca
P.S. - These classes get sold out every time, so NOW is the time to lock in your tickets before all the seats are gone.

P.P.S. - You've got to admit... this isn't a normal "training" event...

This is not JUST about learning the latest laws in your state ... this is about BECOMING who you need to be, so you can protect your world.   

God's given you the gifts of life and freedom - we're here to help you protect it. Come and join us at our next  LEVEL 1 Class LIVE ONLINE.
Here's What Other People Are Saying:
Mr. Massad Ayoob
"Taking Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense Class would be not only a good idea, but an EXCELLENT idea. I’ve known him for many years. He’s an attorney who focuses on this kind of issue with a passion.  By all means possible, take his course.”
Mr. Rory Miller
"Andrew Branca’s is the best treatment of the subject [ of Legal Defense] I’ve seen. The counselor doesn’t shy away from the complexities of the subject. Yet he has somehow made it accessible, clear, and understandable. The information is invaluable for anyone who teaches or studies self-defense."
Mr. Kurt Schlichter
"I was taping a show today and totally recommended the hell out of Andrew Branca. [His] is the best self-defense law guide since sliced bread."
Each class is limited to 20 students!
"This class should be required for any civilian carrying a firearm for self defense! Andrew helped make clear the requirements for self-defense in the eyes of the law, so as a civilian I can understand the boundaries of a 'safe shoot.' I now have a much better understanding of the gray areas, and the potential risks I face if I choose to act in a questionable situation.  Best money and time I have invested in years! "
- Steve, Raleigh NC
Attended February 10, 2018
"Every gun owner should attend these classes. You won’t make a better investment , be confident in carry!"
- Margie, Sacramento CA
Attended February 17, 2018
"I appreciate that Andrew runs a tight ship. By that I mean that he fills the time with useful information. There is no wasted time which is the hallmark of most CLE I take. This is hands-down the best course I've taken in years. And, I actually use this stuff in my legal practice. What a concept!  "
- Thomas E. Sundquist, Esq., New Highlands, CA
Attended February 17, 2018
"I am a new CCW permit holder and the information in this class is critical to my further learning on how to protect myself legally and financially. The class is packed full of timely information, presented in a clear, concise and funny presentation, to keep you engaged in what would otherwise be pretty boring subject matter. Worth every penny!"
- T. Weber, Sacramento, CA
Attended February 17, 2018
"Thoroughly enjoyed your course today. Excellent talking points, easy to understand, fun to listen, just a great day of learning something new, refreshing and very relevant."
- Brian O'Halloran, Marshfield, MA
Attended June 3, 2017
"Hopefully I never have to use Andrew's information, but I am glad to have learned it. Andrew is a very good teacher. He presented it well in a spirited manner and answered everyone's questions. Upon returning home, I quickly tried repeating the 5 elements of a self defense case to my wife and told her about some of the other 'cases' discussed in class. Andrew's class meant a lot to me as a gun owner."
- Louis Gainor,    Hull, MA
Attended June 3, 2017
"This class was a really eye-opener for sure. Excellent. Thank you!!"
- Janet T., Lakewood, CO
Attended October 14, 2017
"If you're a responsible gun owner who carries for protection it is essential that you take this course. The law of self defense is more complicated and nuanced that one might believe. Make one mistake and one faces a long prison sentence. It is imperative that one know the law, and know it well. This course and Andrew's book are absolutely essential to the responsible gun owner. The "good guy" as Andrew would say."
- Joseph E. Cantu, ID 
Attended March 11, 2017
"I would recommend the LOSD Level 1 class to all responsible gun owners. You may survive a defensive gun use but how would you contend with a possible criminal and/or civil legal battle with decades of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake. Andrew's focused and entertaining presentation will cut through the high weeds of legalese and provide you with a clear understanding of the elements of legal self defense applicable to your particular state laws. You are not fully armed without the knowledge you will gain in this class."
- Darrell C, Los Angeles CA 
Attended June 17, 2017
"A must have course for anyone carrying or considering carrying a handgun for self-defense. I've had a concealed carry permit for 20 years, study the topic of concealed carry assiduously, and I am amazed at how much I learned from this course. Outstanding."
- Ronnie Domingue Lafayette, LA 
Attended July 22, 2017
"The course was a very useful venue for clarification of less understood elements of the Law of Self Defense."
- Ernie Kidhardt, Marietta, LA 
Attended March 25, 2017
"The course was a very useful venue for clarification of less understood elements of the Law of Self Defense."
- Ernie Kidhardt, Marietta, LA 
Attended March 25, 2017
"If you believe in protecting yourself and your loved ones, this class is a must. You don't want to win the actual fight, only to wind up losing the war in criminal court."
- Tom Williams, Stanton CA 
Attended June 17, 2017
"Andrew gave me a perspective that answered a whole lot of my questions from a direction I had not considered before. You always wonder what the law actually says and were do I get the real interpretation. "What can I do?" Instead of trying to find the edge of the boundaries of the law I now look for the centerline of the law. Andrew retrained me on how to think, showing me the safest place to be is as far away from the edge as I can get. That takes a lot of those questions I use to have and makes them a mute point. Thank you!"
- Paul D. Harvey, MT 
Attended March 11, 2017
Law of Self Defense LIVE ONLINE LEVEL 1 Class FAQ's...
What states' laws are covered in an "LEVEL 1 LIVE ONLINE Class?
Every LIVE ONLINE class covers the laws of every state represented by a student in that class, so the combination of states varies for each class. Whatever state you reside in, when you register for a LIVE ONLINE class we'll be sure to cover the laws of your state.
What is the date and time of the "LEVEL 1 LIVE ONLINE Class?
Login starts on the given date at 8:45, and the class begins at 9:00 AM.  The class wraps up at 4:00 PM.
Where will the class take place?
The event will be hosted online in the comfort of your own home using our webinar platform!  We will provide access to the webinar platform well ahead of the class.  The webinar platform is highly effective across platforms and super easy to install.  It takes almost no time or real technical know-how.  Regardless if you struggle we will be right here to help you get set up.
Can anyone attend this class?
Yes, if you have (or want to have) a rock-solid defense strategy that is also legally sound this LIVE class is for you!
Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Every person viewing the streamed class must purchase a ticket to get into the class.
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
If you cannot attend a LIVE ONLINE class on the date for which you registered, we will make every reasonable effort to move your registration to a later LIVE ONLINE class date.  Because we make non-refundable commitments to ensure your state's laws are well covered during the class we cannot offer refunds.
Each class is limited to 20 students!
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