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The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition

The #1 guide for understanding your state’s requirements when using force to protect yourself.  5-star Amazon rated and praised by self-defense industry experts and legends.
  •  Clearly explains not just the state statutes but how the courts apply them.
  •  Corrects the myths that get people in trouble.
  •  Many interesting, if sometimes heart-wrenching, true-life examples.
  •  Hardcover is autographed by the author - makes a GREAT GIFT!
Normally $34.95.  Get it TODAY for only $24.47.
Normally $24.95.  Get it TODAY for only $17.47.

LOSD Core Class 4-DVD Set

Over the course of ~6 hours, and at a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one legal consult, you will learn how to build a self-defense strategy that will:
  • Prepare you to win both the physical AND legal battles.
  •  Help you say the right thing to 911 operators, 1st responders, and investigating officers.
  •  Teach you the most common legal vulnerabilities.
  •  Give you confidence to defend others, and account for the strict limits on defending property.
  •  Explain what “Stand-Your-Ground,” the “Castle Doctrine,” “Presumptions of Reasonableness” and “Self-defense Immunity” REALLY mean . . . and what they DO NOT mean.
Normally $199.95.  Get it TODAY for only $139.95.

LOSD LEVEL 1 State Supplement

Get The Indispensable Knowledge You NEED about YOUR State's Laws When Defending Yourself.  In ~2 Hours Of DVD video you will learn:
  •  How your state's laws are different from the rest of the country.
  •  What those differences REALLY mean.
  •  What you should do in your state to make sure you stay free that wouldn’t work elsewhere.
  •  Illustrated with state specific statutes, court decisions, and jury instructions.
Normally $99.95.  Get it TODAY for only $69.95.

Self-Defense 'Insurance': Explained

Self-defense insurance is as complicated as a jury trial.  Learn what you need to know to make the right choice.  Answers questions like:
  • What will happen to your finances, and when, after you defend yourself?
  •  What do various programs help you accomplish and what will they leave you to do on your own?
  •  What are the common limitations & exclusions of self-defense 'insurance' programs, including important expenses they do not cover, and unimportant things they do cover?
  •  Plus MUCH MUCH More!!
Normally $99.95.  Get it TODAY for only $69.95.

The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition Hardcover
 LOSD LEVEL 1 State Supplement

One of our most popular bundles, this combination book & State DVD gives you or your loved one a fantastic introduction to self-defense law, specific to one state!
Normally this bundle would cost $134.90.  
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The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition Hardcover
LEVEL 1 Core 4-DVD Set
LEVEL 1 State Supplement DVD

Get Andrew's complete Level 1 class including your state's supplement as well as an autographed hardcover copy of his Amazon 5-star rated book!
Normally this bundle would cost $334.85.  
Get it TODAY for only $139.95.
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The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition Hardcover
LEVEL 1 Core 4-DVD Set
LEVEL 1 State Supplemental DVD
Self-Defense Insurance Explained DVD
Top 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Self-Defense Law DVD

Why not have it all?  Get our complete consumer set of books and classes for a massive discount!!
Normally this bundle would cost $425.80.  
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What Self-defense and Legal Experts Are Saying: 
"Taking Andrew's Law of Self Defense Class is not only a good idea, but an EXCELLENT idea. I also recommend his new book, 'The Law of Self Defense.'  You are wise to buy this book. I hope you read & internalize it, & keep it to the forefront whenever you even think of reaching for a gun."
--Massad Ayoob, 
Author of "In the Gravest Extreme," 
Founder of the Massad Ayoob Group
"If you plan on defending yourself, and I don’t care if it’s with pepper spray, or a taser, or a firearm, you need Andrew's information … Andrew is one of the single best resources I’ve found on self defense law. This is absolutely outstanding."
--Mike Seeklander, 
Founder of the American Warrior Society, 
Veteran, former Law Enforcement Officer
"Andrew Branca is a lawyer who has a knack of explaining the law so that it is readily accessible to everyone. Having a gun when the police aren’t there to protect you can keep you alive, but understanding the material in this book can keep you out of jail to continue enjoying that life.”
--Dr. John Lott Jr.,
Author of "More Guns, Less Crime" and 
"The War Against Guns"
Meet The Attorney
Andrew is a Guest Lecturer at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy, a former Guest Instructor at the Sig Sauer Academy, an NRA Life-Benefactor Member, and an NRA Certified Instructor

He also teaches lawyers how to argue self-defense cases as a certified instructor with the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) system in numerous states around the country. Andrew is a host on the Outdoor Channel’s TV show “The Best Defense” and contributor to the National Review Online.

In addition to being a lawyer, Andrew is also a competitive handgun shooter, an IDPA Charter/Life member (IDPA #13), and a Master-class competitor in multiple IDPA divisions.

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